Our Traditional Home - Hoghaan          

  "Navajo Nation's Best Kept Secret"

Ya'a'teeh doo wooshdee'- Hello and Welcome to Chasingwind web site.

We work diligently with willing family and friends to strive to be self sufficient, self reliant and independent.  We are driven by our passion to work with creativity in sharing  the blessings of the Native American spirit.  Our work specialize in consulting Native American music, dance, art, tradition and culture.

We have  worked 25-30 years working with school age students and staff in weaving creative ideas into school programs.  As an accomplished musician and artist  Chasingwind held titles as director of multi-programs with schools, native organization, educational conferences, and social functions.

Surely when you invite us to your place or if you visit our home, we will learn a lot about each other and gain new understanding and appreciation of each other,  Thank You.


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